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Media Transfer and Photo Restoration

We love to preserve your Family’s Story

We transfer:

Video cassette format and films 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm to DVD.

Audio cassettes and records to CD. 

We restore and enlarge old photographs.

Our DVD transfers include:

  • HD 1080 transfer for high quality footage

  • removal of burnt, black or white frames, bad joins, leader film (almost every single reel has this)

  • mini slide show in the main menu and animated menu for scene selections

  • chapter points set for each reel for easier searching

  • usually films are shot at 12 to 24 fps, we correct the speed to make sure the movement looks natural

  • fade in at the beginning and fade out at the end so that your DVD looks professional

  • multiple discs in same set are numbered, DVD 1, 2 etc.

  • sound on sound film is transferred with no additional cost

  • Music is added to silent films at no cost

  • all processes are handled by experienced editors, not automated by machine

  • highest quality full colour printing directly onto the DVD face

  • High quality artwork for your DVD case

  • highest quality media used

  • customised editing available on request (additional cost for complicated editing)

  • all vision is stored in our system for 60 days only in case of any changes or copies required

  • artwork is stored in our server in case copies required by customers

Transfer 3 Final

Photography Restorations


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