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As with any not-for-profit organisation we were initially hesitant to work with any video producer

due to our budget restrictions and our limited human resources. Costa showed awareness of our

concerns and took them into account from the outset.

He was able to work within our constraints without sacrificing quality.

He was also happy to collaborate with us at all stages of production from script writing to video shoot

and editing.

He produced excellent videos that we have used to expand our client base and to secure funds from

a variety of sources.

Janet Elefsiniotis – Manager: Programs for Families Children and Young People –

VICSEG New Futures


Dear Costa

The photos for Welcome Baby to Country arrived…thank you. We are absolutely thrilled with

the photos and I know the families will be too. Thank you Costa…you do great work.

The photos from Universal Children’s Day are also excellent. I am looking forward to sharing

them with the members of the working group on Tuesday. I’m sure they will enjoy them too. Thank you

so very much Costa. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you again.

Kind regards

KellyBrant – Best Start – Family and Children’s Services – Hume City Council

I like it Costa. You’ve done wonders…

Nick Ikonomou – Action Coach – Business Coach

What a masterstroke of cutting and editing!  Talk about Costa the magician…

John Zika – VICSEG – CEO

Norlyn and I never get bored watching the wedding DVD. Thank you Costa you did a great job!

Norlyn & Mick Karpouzis

Costa is a total professional, arrived on time worked within budget and produced a great result

Warner Blake – Phonewerx

Costa is a very experienced and professional person whose attention to detail sets him apart from other businesses. Giving you exactly what you are looking for along with very creative input if wanting that extra edge but hadn’t thought of it before.I was really pleased with my company’s video and I highly recommend Costa and his business for any media needs you may have. 

Deborah Harrison – Live Life Fitness

Hi Costa,
Having recently completed your photography course I now have a new understanding and appreciation for photography. Never having owned a digital SLR camera until April this year, I felt totally out of my depth trying to master the camera and in getting the shots I wanted to take.
I am now no longer afraid of my camera and enjoy experimenting with different techniques, I knew the terms aperture and shutter speed, but never understood there meaning until now. You have helped me reach the potential that I knew the camera and I had.
 Julia Hukin

Over many years Costa has documented much of my life’s journeys. When the need has been there for preserving our family’s history it is Costa who we call. When we need that special business photograph it is Costa we recruit. Costa has a passionate and amazing ‘curiosity’ which is an incredibly useful characteristic for any photographer… this is why Costa stands out from the many. When I recently received an invitation to attend five sessions – “Introduction to Photography” facilitated by Costa I was one of the first to pay my fees and enroll. I am only half way through the course and in constant amazement in Costa’s ability to guide us through own curiosities to discover “new” horizons that were always right there… -

Alexandra Megas – National Membership Manager – Family Business Australia

Costa’s Photography and presence at our wedding was outstanding.

The images that he created which we will carry with us forever captured the moments in a very natural way.

He guided us through the steps and with a reassuring smile and ease and snapped away with beautiful results.

We couldn’t ask for a better person to shed his own light on these special moments and the results speak for themselves.

Costa takes photos from the heart.

Nir & Toula Shedlash

Dear Costa

It is a pleasure working with you as formerly Leisure Programs Coordinator of the City of Darebin on a number of Council’s projects. I highly appreciated your photographic skills, creativity and professionalism. I look forward to work with you again from my new position, on new and more exciting projects.

Con Constantinou
City of Whittlesea Senior Citizens Community Development Officer
(Formerly City of Darebin, Leisure Programs Coordinator)

For him (Costa), photography is about exploring people’s essence.

Michael Quin-Profiles-Heidelberg & Diamond Valley Weekly 30/6/09

Working with Costa

I have found working on a special event with Costa to be real pleasure. There is a special magic on a wedding day and the last thing you need is difficulties with the venue or the staff.

Working with Costa is great because I understand the special creative way he posses the wedding party.

John Cordon – Media Production

Hi Costa

We are all amazed at your, speed, consideration and professionalism.


Larry Boyd
Fusion theatre Inc.

I was pleased to attend the opening of the first photographic exhibition of the Hellenic Writers Association entitled “Portraits of Greek–Australian Writers”…The photographs were taken by Costa Athanassiou who has done a marvellous job capturing each of the talented writers included in the exhibition.

Hon. Jenny Mikakos
Parliament of Victoria
Parliamentary Debates 9 October 2002

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